About Us

  • Heart Attack Music and its history
    “Heart Attack Music AB” is the brainchild of John Ballard, a Scottish Singer, Songwriter and Producer. John began his musical career as a Folk Music Artist and was later drawn to the Pop sphere.
  • He started working at the famous “PWL Studios” (Peter Waterman Limited), the home of “Stock, Aitken & Waterman” (known as “SAW”), an English songwriting and record producing trio consisting of Mike Stock, Matt Aitken, and Pete Waterman. PWL was the hottest place to work in the music/studio industry at that time and “SAW” are considered to be one of the most successful songwriting and producing partnerships of all time, scoring more than 100 UK top 40 hits, selling 40 million records.
  • On his return to Sweden John started “Tuff Studios” where he continued to develop and acquired an impressive reputation as a Songwriter and Producer. He has produced and written material for countless artists including; Ace of Base, David Hasselhoff many top Scandinavian acts; Njoy, Bubbles, Together, Friends and .
  • The team he has assembled at “Tuff Studios” recording studio is a rich and diverse one from differing backgrounds and cultures. With a wide variety of musical styles and genres they bring a host of talent and boundless energy to the table.