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  • The band.
    Andreas Stenfeldt – Song & Percussion
    Mathias Schelin – Song & Guitar
    Mikael Palm – Song, Piano & Guitar
  • We are a trio from Gothenburg with a passion for music and songwriting. Our biggest influences are the much loved tones of the 60’s-70’s and also 80’s rock. We like to mix these up with our own style and add newer influences also. An example of this is that all of our music is based on three part harmonies.
“Getting the right sound is one of the most important things for us. And that’s why we only work with highly capable songwriters and producers.”

  • Right now we are working in co-operation with John Ballard and Jonas Lengstrand. John is well know as the producer of ‘Ace Of Base’, ‘Bubbles’ & ‘Togeather’ to name just a few. Jonas has been producing music for a lot of artists such as Elena Paparizou, Danny, James Burton and Billy Burnet and has had top-listed tracks in both Sweden and the UK.