• “Flame” a bilingual and diverse rapper has been doing music for almost
    15 years. He has always been more of an underground artist; someone
    the mainstream audience might have missed.
  • flame_2
  • He is working on 2 new projects right now, one in English and one in Swedish.
  • The Swedish project is called “Maktskifet” (meaning “The Shift of Power”). This is a creative collaboration with some friends; where together they make powerful and politically influenced Hip Hop. The response has been huge, and just after releasing their first single they hit the headlines. The impact of their music and the articles written about them have been a gamechanger.
  • The English project; an album called “The Misfit” is scheduled for release at the end of 2013. Flame has been immersed in the “Underground Hip Hop” scene and believes that has been to his advantage as he now crosses the dividing line between the underground & commercial with the making of the “The Misfit”. But he does it in his own remarkable style. As usual!
  • No date as yet has been set for the release of “The Misfit”, but we’ll keep you updated.
  • Check out Flame here on YouTube