• This promising POP/R&B group consists of three childhood friends; Ruth Mussie, Irena Krsteva and Jerusalem Yemane.
  • X-FACTOR-10

  • Driven by their passion they have studied and practiced music since childhood. NJOY was originally formed when they realized they would stand a better chance of winning a talent show contest as a group rather than as individuals. They won!
  • Since then they have written and sung as a group, performing everything from contemporary POP/R&B/Club to old Motown, Soul and power ballads.
  • Currently the girls are working on new material where they have consolidated their sound. Their special sound and music fills a definate void on the current music scene. They are very experienced international performers with many tours under their belts including recent tours of both the U.S.A. and Africa. As accomplished stage artists they have performed in front of large audiences; such as the “Way Out West Festival” and the “X-Factor” shows, amongst others.
  • The 3 girls are also prolific songwriters on the international market. They have written songs for various artists and projects in Japan, Germany etc. and have recently written a song that reached the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest in Moldavia.